Sunday, June 3, 2007

Mile Oak - Fulking - Poynings - Patcham

Distance: 9.71 Miles

The Shepherd and Dog - Fulking, The Royal Oak - Poynings

Walkers: Timmeh, Loz, Susi, Ben

Terrain: Mostly fields, some horrible hills.

Weather: Sunny and warm

Notes: 2 kestrels, a buzzard, a mouse, loads of wabbits.

Pictures here.

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Alice said...

Start of the walk was handily right on the #6 bus route, but being that close to Brighton there were a lot of other people on the paths, so we didn't see much wildlife in the morning. Plenty of skylarks on the Downs, various meadow and blue butterflies, and a huge caterpillar just over the ridge on the north side. Very steep track down to the first pub in Fulking.

Pub was lovely, nice beer garden with a stream running through it, good choice of delicious food and beer, though prices quite high (as usual for country pubs, alas).

In the flat country just north of the Downs, we saw a couple of kestrels flying around and scaring the pigeons. Lots of blackberry brambles, so a route worth remembering for the blackberry season. Very hot in the early afternoon, we were all glad to get to the pub in Poynings and have long cold drinks. The pub had an outdoor barbecue area which looked nice but we'd already eaten.

After a slight detour through some bushes and over some barbed wire (involving some ripped trousers) we got back on the right track for the surprisingly gentle climb back up towards Patcham. Fewer people on this stretch, we saw fields full of bunnies, and Loz spotted a buzzard that we watched until it flew out of sight. It was still hot and we were pretty broken by the time we got to the end.