Saturday, October 13, 2007

Haywards Heath - Ardingly - Balcombe

Distance: 8.06 Miles

The Gardeners Arms - Ardingly

Walkers: Timmeh, Loz, Susi

Terrain: Countryside, Woodland, park, some hillage

Weather: Non-descript.

Notes: Not a rabbit in sight, though there were a lot of squirrels.

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Alice said...

*tries to remember something about this walk, several weeks later*

Yeah, it was rainy and grey to start off with and we considered a raincheck, but it turned out to be really warm later. Starting off in H Heath not too bad, as we quickly got out into the countryside. Passed a golf course where the path went right by the back of the driving range, luckily no-one tried to use us for target practice.

Squirrels EVERYWHERE. Lots of oak trees, the ground was carpeted with acorns. Saw a couple of jays in the distance and heard a few more, but no really good sightings. Later at the Ardingly reservoir we saw some ducks and a heron.

Pub was by the racecourse, and luckily served food all day - food pretty good IIRC. Back down past the reservoir after lunch and then off through a really cool bit of woodland with boardwalks over swampy ground and some unusual trees, possibly some eucalyptus.

Getting towards sunset as we headed for Balcombe, ideal bunny-time but not a rabbit was to be seen, not a single one! Very odd. The PDA battery ran out about half a mile from the station but we fortunately guessed the right direction and made it to the station with about 15 minutes to spare. Back just in time for the lovely Special Bus service back home.