Sunday, February 3, 2008

Balcombe - Stonelands - Ardingly

Distance: 6.44 Miles

The White Hart - Stonelands, The Gardeners Arms - Ardingly

Walkers: Timmeh, Loz, Susi

Terrain: Open countryside, woodland

Weather: Very cold but dry at least

Notes: White Hart is very busy on a Sunday. Matty joined us for lunch. The staff remembered us because we gave them a big-up on the radio.

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Alice said...

Got to Balcombe by car cos trains are terrible at weekends. Headed off down the same path we used on the last Balcombe walk (the bunny-less one); no squirrels in the woods this time though. Saw a treecreeper running up a tree not too far from Balcombe, also some long-tailed tits in the branches.

Big delay at the pub as it was v busy; took a while to get a table and then even longer to get service. Excellent food though.

Off again eventually, up a muddy path through the woods that supposedly went past some waterfalls (didn't see them). Path went behind lots of posh estates with great old trees on. A few pheasants mucking about; saw a guy who might possibly have been a gamekeeper. No bunnies.

Cut the walk a bit shorter than intended because it was getting dark, but even then we didn't have time to get all the way back to Balcombe. Stopped off at the pub by the racecourse again but our boots were too muddy to go indoors so found a slightly sheltered spot outside to drink our beers. Freezing cold. Eventually called a taxi back to Balcome, cost about a tenner, then drove back home. Winter walks need to either start earlier or be shorter!