Saturday, April 21, 2007

Balcombe - Ansty - World's End

Distance: 10.3 Miles

The Ansty Cross - Ansty

Walkers: Timmeh, Loz, Matty, Susi, Ben

Terrain: The weald, open field, some woodland.

Weather: Sunny and warm!

Notes: Met Dee, Dave, Hazel and Chicken for lunch.

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Alice said...

The scenery on this walk was really different from the usual downland/riverside ones - lots of little hills and woods, it felt almost like real wilderness. Lots of potential blackberrying spots to remember for the autumn.

Pub was very good, can't remember the beers they had on but they were tasty, and the food was excellent.

Lots of pheasants mucking about on the way, chasing each other around in fields; we also nearly got eaten by some horses.