Sunday, April 15, 2007

Patcham - Ditchling - World's End

Distance: 10.7 Miles

The White Horse - Ditchling, The Watermill - World's End

Walkers: Timmeh, Loz, Susi, Sara, Lucy, Piran

Terrain: Downland, open field, some wood.

Weather: Sunny and too fucking hot!

Notes: Lapwings at the Chattri; snake in the grass!


Alice said...

This walk was probably the hardest work of all of them so far, mostly because it was so hot and there was hardly any shade.

The climb up to the Chattri was fairly gentle, and a small flock of lapwings were up there doing their display flights, which was pretty cool. Good view across to the Jack and Jill windmills from the crest of the Downs, then a very steep descent down the north side; we saw some quail at the bottom of the hill, then a farm with some very small horses and a very large pig. A bit further up there was a great little farmhouse with a duckpond (including ducklings), loose chickens and a pen full of lambs.

There were decently priced sandwiches in the White Horse, though the main meals were around a tenner; we were mostly on the soft drinks again because of the heat.

The second half of the walk was mostly flat, but still hardly any shade. We heard a hissing in the undergrowth, and soon afterwards Tim spotted a snake. Mostly we were just slogging onwards to get out of the heat and everyone was pretty broken by the last pub. Shade, seats and drinks were very welcome but the pub was quite chavvy, and we had to get the Special Bus home cos the trains were fucked.

Piran said...

Ahh a little late, and still a little sunburnt, I've finally done something with the photos I took that day:

Take a look at my Flickr account.

A pity the pub was shut that day.