Sunday, February 4, 2007

Devil's Dyke - Hove

Distance: 6.38 Miles

The Devil's Dyke Inn - Devil's Dyke, The Grenadier - Hove, The Sussex Cricketer - Hove

Walkers: Timmeh, Matty, Yola, Marcus

Terrain: Downland, some gentle hills, track and field, mostly dry; road.

Weather: Overcast, mild

Notes: It was dark before we finished; don't try navigating cross-country by TomTom: "Turn around when possible"

1 comment:

Matty said...

The Devil's Dyke Tavern is as charmless as the view is beautiful.

We learnt some early lessons about navigation too - trust your instincts, especially if you are fairly familiar with the general area.