Sunday, February 25, 2007

Lewes - Rodmell - Kingston

Distance: 6.69 Miles

The King's Head - Lewes, The Abergavenny Arms - Rodmell, The Juggs - Kingston

Walkers: Timmeh, Loz, Matty, Yola, Sara, Susi

Terrain: Flat, muddy riverbank; waterlogged gravel track; muddy, hilly fields; mud.

Weather: Pissing Down.

Notes: Wet and Muddy.


Alice said...

This was one of the most fun walks, despite the rain (it wasn't windy and I had an umbrella, so could have been worse). It made it more of an adventure, what with sliding down muddy banks, balancing on fences to get round the churned-up mud by gates, and the glorious moments of arriving in pubs with roaring fires...

The pub in Rodmell was very good, had a fine selection of ales and a big fire to dry ourselves out by, which probably colours my recollection somewhat! I'd definitely try to arrange more walks that go by that way. We didn't eat on the walk as it started after lunch.

Animals spotted: not many, but there were a few newborn lambs near Lewes and some scary sheep on the track between the river and the first pub.

Matty said...

Those sheep were scary!

Yep, I fell over twice and I remember Yol's "technical" clothing weighing about twice what it did before we started...

Timmeh! said...

We'd planned to walk back to Lewes, but had underestimated the time it would take (we were slowed a bit by the rain) so got a cab back to Lewes Station from the Juggs, to avoid being extremely late to our usual Sunday evening pub session.

The Ale in the Abergavenny was excellent and the fire was very welcome after the drenching we'd just received.

Second Visit to the Juggs; where the beer is always nice though rarely exceptional.

Sewage-Works Count: 2