Saturday, March 3, 2007

Berwick - Selmeston - Alciston - Berwick

Distance: 3.62 Miles

The Cricketers - Berwick, Rose Cottage Inn - Alciston

Walkers: Timmeh, Matty, Yola, Lucy

Terrain: Mostly flat, some muddy fields.

Weather: Overcast.

Notes: V. short walk due to various people's time constraints.

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Timmeh! said...

The Cricketers, Berwick is a nice enough place though clearly geared more toward food than drinking, we sat outside 'cause it was very busy with families inside. Good selection of well kept ales straight from the cask, and the bangers and mash were top notch.

I didn't go in Rose Cottage Inn 'cause me boots were muddy, but it looked pretty nice from the outside, and the beer was pretty good.

Just after The Rose cottage we had to go through what looked like an electric fence with no stile.

Oh and there was a solitary guinea-fowl next to the church.