Saturday, March 17, 2007

Shoreham - Sompting - Shoreham

Distance: 11.2 Miles

The Crown and Anchor - Shoreham, The Red Lion - Shoreham, The Gardeners Arms - Sompting, The Three Horseshoes, Lancing, The Duke of Wellington - Shoreham

Walkers: Timmeh, Loz, Matty, Yola

: Some hilly bits, some muddy bits.

Weather: Overcast & Windy

Notes: Nice view of Lancing College chapel.

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Timmeh! said...

The Crown and Anchor has had a refurb and isn't as scummy and chavvy as it used to be; Though we were there during the day.

The Red Lion is a lovely old pub with doors we had stoop to get through (apart from Yola obviously). Good beer, and nice food.

Walked across the downs, though my old childhood playground (Lancing Ring nature reserve) to Sompting (past the marvellous architecture of Sompting Abbots) to the Gardeners, a pub I used to frequent many moons ago. It's been tastefully done up and expanded, and now incorporates an old Railway dining carriage in the restaurant area. Beer selection was good and the one I had was tasty (Lewes Brewery Best IIRC), jukebox loaded with classic rock; friendly staff and locals; marred slightly by group of drunken chavs in the Pool area, but they were amiable enough.

The walk through Lancing was as depressing as always. And the Three Horseshoes as unremarkable as ever.

Walked back to Shoreham on the seafront in the dark, past the Widewater Lagoon nature reserve, which probably would've been more interesting in the daytime, since we couldn't see a damn thing. Matty tried to amuse himself and us by reading out the numbers on every beach hut we passed. The appeal of this began to pale for me after the third one, but he persevered for about another mile anyway.

My first visit to the Wellie since the refurb, it's nice and as it's now a Dark Star brewery tap, the beer was awesome.