Saturday, May 19, 2007

Exceat - Jevington - Exceat

Distance: 8.72 Miles

The Eight Bells - Jevington

Walkers: Timmeh, Loz, Lucy

Terrain: Friston Forest, some hills, mostly dry.

Weather: Sunny: warm in the sun, but a little chilly in the shade.

Notes: Friendly piggy (oink!); Foxes!

Pictures here.


Timmeh! said...

A nice walk through the woods in almost perfect walking weather (despite the forecasts of rain).

Found my first geocache, which didn't have very much exciting in it as it was only a 35mm film cannister. So small in fact that I couldn;t release my Travel-Bug :(

In a field of horses just before Jevington we saw a fox wandering around, and got a good look through the binoculars.

The Eight Bells was very nice indeed; three ales on tap: Adnams's Broadside, the ubiquitous Harvey's Sussex Best, and Flowers Best. I had the Broadside which was very tasty indeed. The food was also good, and reasonably priced compared to some places we've been recently.

On the walk back, in the woods just before Westdean, we saw another Fox on the track just a little ahead of us. He stood and looked at us for a little while, then ran off into the woods.

Westdean is a fantastic looking little place, with gorgeous houses we couldn't possibly afford. Damn them!

Timmeh! said...

Oh yeah, and we met a very friendly (and slobbery) piggy in a field just outside Jevington. I gave him a bit of a scratch but I think he really wanted food.

Lucy Pointycat said...

Lovely walk mostly through pine and beech woods in Friston Forest
with well-defined paths, a gentle summer sun diffused through leaves
made lush by a wet fortnight, and an assortment of animals to gawk at.
Saw a lovely black snouty pig which honked excitedly every time it caught sight of Tim, a very large black beetle, two foxes on different occasions out in the bright sunlight, a grumpy sick horse lying down, and a small scared horse who was too shy to come get a cuddle.
The pub we stopped at for lunch, the Eight Bells in Jevington, had a
fantastic garden with all sorts of little areas with different styles
of seating, which created a real feeling of privacy - I'd love to come back here for a Romantic tete a tete with Rhandolph one day. I had one of only a few vege dishes on offer, but made up for the slight remorse of 'oh, I should have chosen something else' by having a completely unnecessary chocolate based pudding. Yum.