Saturday, May 12, 2007

Woodingdean - Kingston - Rottingdean - Brighton Marina

Distance: 10.7 Miles

The Juggs Inn - Kingston, The Plough Inn - Woodingdean

Walkers: Timmeh, Loz, Matty, Yola, Susi

Terrain: The Downs.

Weather: Overcast and windy, but still relatively mild

Notes: Skylarks, 1920s-mock-victorian-mock-tudor houses, mad-sheep!

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Alice said...

Easy journey to the start of the walk on the #22 bus. The wind was the main feature of this walk, which made it all very blustery but also stopped us from getting too overheated from the effort. As usual, going up the south side of the Downs was much easier than coming the other way; easy climb up to the crest where we saw many skylarks trying to fly up vertically and getting blown about by the wind. Passed the Castle Hill Nature Reserve which would probably merit a later visit.

The Juggs was a decent pub, nice to see it in daylight (we'd been there previously on the Lewes circular walk in Feb in the rain, it was dark by the time we got there). Unfortunately, straight after lunch we had the steep climb up the north face of the Downs - not quite as bad as it looked but still an effort.

We thought the wind might let off a bit once we'd got off the ridge, but it was still howling up the valleys. Saw a field of crazy sheep - ewes attacking each other, gangs of delinquent lambs terrorising other sheep, etc. More blackberry bushes on the hill behind Rottingdean, then the path dropped down into a road full of fabulous mock-Tudor houses that we were all instantly jealous of.

The Rottingdean duckpond looked pretty dead, but we were heading to the pub. Nice enough atmosphere and the menu looked OK, but drinks and crisps were seriously expensive. There are lots of other pubs in Rottingdean so maybe we should try a different one if we pass through that way again.

Along the Undercliff back to the Marina; tide was high so we didn't get to see any rockpools. Matty befriended a stone called Eric. Then, bus back to town. For a walk so close to Brighton, it was amazing how isolated it felt from civilisation.